Mikrotik Course Benefits

Internationally Accepted Certificate

•MikroTik is a Internationally acclaimed company that has reach all across the world.

•MikroTik Certificates are recognized by IT and Networking Companies all across the world.

Hands-On Training

•Focus on both theoretical and practical knowledge and skills and uses physical devices, not simulators or other tools.

•Each Course Module has ample practice labs for the students to perform which mimic real world scenarios.

Focus on Learning Networking

•Mikrotik Training Courses focus on theory and practice of core networking rather than their specific hardware.

•All Devices use RouterOS (Mikrotik Software) and settings are similar for all models.

Intuitive GUI

•MikroTik devices are mostly configured using Winbox, an intuitive Graphic User Interface, which lets you focus on the networking.

•Less time rote-learning & memorizing commands, more time understanding networking principles.

Course Types

Certification Courses

Certification Courses follow outlines specified by MikroTik. Students get a Certificate issued by MikroTik.

Customized Courses

Customized Courses follow tailored outlines. These are suited for professionals and organizations.